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Saturday, June 25, 2016

How To Remove A Printer From Linux Remote Printer Access

How To Remove A Printer From Linux Remote Printer Access

Linux Remote Printer Access

For different frameworks to utilize the printer through IPP, unequivocal access to the Linux Remote Printer Access, you must be conceded in the/and so /etc/cups/cupsd.conf document. To share the printer utilizing SAMBA, this change is not required. 

Open up/and so /etc/cups/cupsd.conf in a most loved word processor and include an Allow line for the system(s) that ought to have the capacity to reach to the printer. In the following case, access is allowed to the printer from localhost and from any framework whose IP address begins with 192.168.0.

The accompanying case demonstrates to erase the printer john from the print customer eva and from the print server howard. This case additionally demonstrates to erase the print customer eva from the print server.

Remove A Printer In Linux From Remote Printer Access

eva# lpadmin -x john
Removed “john”.
eva# lpstat -p john -l 
howard# lpadmin -x john
Removed “eva”.
howard# lpstat -p john -l

If you want to see some instructions on adding the printer, see how to add a printer.

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